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prusa i3 problem

Posted by amirsolo 
prusa i3 problem
August 12, 2014 02:23AM
hi all
i have a problem whit my prusa
i build one 2 month ago and it's work well . but from last night she's stop working 5 min after start print
all of my motors turned off and stop working . when i turn power of and on again or when i unplog and plog usb cable again . it's working but after 5 minute stop again .
any one know what the problem is ?
thank a lot for your help grinning smiley
Re: prusa i3 problem
August 12, 2014 03:38PM
do you have any type of log or echo response from machine you can send us? my guess without any added information would be a temp failure or a wiring issue, such as a short or an open. it could also be the gcode you are using, or the computer usb has something different. what would really help is some sort of error or echo log.

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Re: prusa i3 problem
August 12, 2014 06:01PM
ok thank you "jamesdanielv" for you respond

I solve the problem . it's my ramps mosfets !!!
they work but not properly ! when they getting hot , so they shut down the board , I change them and problem is solved .
but I don't know why they shut my motors down !!!
the mosfets are not connected to motors but they control the ramps power I think
I'm designing my prusa and it's faster than the original one . so more speed need more torque on my motors and it's
cuse more heat on my motors and my ramps power section .I think my mosfets are getting to hot .
I replace them with more powerful mosfets and i change my power diod with a 1n4004 and it's work.

so this is it . the problem is solved . and this must be useful report for those who have the same problem .

thank you again .
and sorry for my bad English .
Re: prusa i3 problem
August 13, 2014 04:51PM
hey guys it's me again whit the same problem !!!
after changing my mofsets the peoblem gone but it's came back to day sad smiley
and here is the error log from cura :

Recv: ok
Send: N134819G1 X113.48 Y48.14 E4067.85873*118
Recv: ok
Send: N134820G1 X113.15 Y48.31 E4067.86469*119
Recv: ok
Send: N134821G1 X113.06 Y48.71 E4067.87002*120
Recv: ok
Send: N134822G1 X113.01 Y48.91 E4067.87600*118
Recv: ok
Send: N134823G0 F7200 X112.39 Y50.52*110
Recv: ok
Send: N134824G1 F3000 X128.12 Y66.25 E4068.52334*25
Recv: ok
Send: N134825G0 F7200 X129.80 Y65.71*101
Recv: ok
Send: N134826G1 F3000 X142.03 Y53.48 E4069.02657*30
Recv: ok
Send: N134827G0 F7200 X142.11 Y53.26*101
Recv: ok
Send: N134828G1 F3000 X142.05 Y53.20 E4069.02912*22
Recv: ok
Send: N134829G0 F7200 X142.40 Y53.12*104
Recv: ok
Send: N134830G1 F3000 X143.87 Y51.65 E4069.08954*31
Communication timeout during printing, forcing a line
Send: M105 T0
Serial timeout while writing to serial port, trying again.
Unexpected error while writing serial port: SerialTimeoutException: 'Write timeout' @ machineCom.py:_sendCommand:565
Changing monitoring state from 'Printing' to 'Error: SerialTimeoutException: 'Write time...'
Connection closed, closing down monitor

if any one can help please respond .

thanks a lot .
Re: prusa i3 problem
August 16, 2014 07:40PM
do you have any power management on the computer? is it disabled?

you don't want it to power down or start to after a few minutes.

something is causing the board to loose power. is it a short, or is it just loss of power to the arduino setup?

what board type are you using? what type of power supply are you using?

what is going on.

the communication is being sent out, but nothing is receiving it. what would cause that?

something is causing the arduino not to respond. i would guess it is getting reset. is there any shorts, how many amps are available to power the printer?

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Re: prusa i3 problem
August 17, 2014 02:13PM
hi jamesdanielv
tnx for your respondagain grinning smiley

yes i know my arduino lose power but i don't know why !!!
i don't have power plan on my windows . my power in 12V 15A power switch . and i don't know what the amp is for powering my printer grinning smiley
i use arduino mega 2560 and ramps 1.4 .

i don't know what this problem is !!!

thank you again . if noticed somthing please let me know smiling smiley

have a good time

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Re: prusa i3 problem
August 17, 2014 08:49PM
ok 15 amps is the minimum if you have a heated bed. you can turn down your max power to heaters and that should help keep within the power limits

#define PID_MAX 180
#define MAX_BED_POWER 200

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