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Flat printer

Posted by cozmicray 
Flat printer
August 25, 2014 02:57PM
How about more info on the "Flat printer"

Who designed it?


Drawings, Parts ?

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Re: Flat printer
August 25, 2014 04:27PM
This is one of Nicholas Seward's designs, though it's in such an early stage, he hasn't really designed much beyond putting up the one concept animation you've found. Oddly, he hasn't started up discussion on it here on the boards, just on Google+. (and where it got some exposure on the 3D Print Board forum.)

It seems like a pretty logical combination of the Mondrian and CoreXY platforms, though he goes a step further than the Mondrian developers went by figuring out a way to keep the scale of the z-axis linear. (though in his one animation, he doesn't include the mechanism that does that, so you have to delve into his comments on it to get that part)

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Re: Flat printer
August 26, 2014 06:35PM
@Feign: I was doing an experiment to see how I liked using Google+ for design feedback. I liked it well enough but it sucks that you can not embed pictures in the comments. I definitely prefer a forum thread as a good place to archive the info. I will be sure to make a RepRap post if I take the concept any further.

I have to say that the concept I posted was so raw that I was a little embarrassed that it got picked up by 3DPrintBoard.

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Re: Flat printer
August 27, 2014 09:38AM
Heh, I can understand that... 3DPB tends to have the "first to break the news" problem, sometimes they'll post up napkin sketches as news or discussion topics if it means being the first with the scoop.

Then again, your rough concepts tend to look more polished than some Kickstarter printers. At least it has been very good for getting discussion started, sometimes that's the hardest part.
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