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Pro vs RepRap

Posted by ntar827 
Pro vs RepRap
September 03, 2014 08:22PM
What factors make the professional (expensive) printer produce better prints than those of the less expensive printers?

What are the mechanical differences?

Are there software differences?


Re: Pro vs RepRap
September 03, 2014 08:48PM
Professional printers use high-grade industrial components and are designed to work at production end, and be ready to use out of box. You pay what you get- all the hard work done for you in a machine that's going to last and require relatively low maintenance.
Software is done within the company, or sourced out to developer company, in either case, it is proprietary and will only work with their products.

RepRaps are made from whatever we can find for a low price. Usually made by a single person or small group. Designed to be built by the wanters, upgradeable, not always made on sound engineering principles or with components designed to endure things, and have the user do all the maintenance.
Software is open source, done by a collective of people. Designed to work with a plethora of designs and made for ease of use.

Not all industrial grade printers are better. Many people have fine tuned their printers into printer far superior than printers often 100's times the price. I think the only Juggernaut printer mechanics for quality is Stratasys's PolyJet system. I could only dream of obtaining such a wondrous way of printing. I wonder when their patents expire...

No pro, take with plenty of salt.

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Anonymous User
Re: Pro vs RepRap
September 03, 2014 10:06PM
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Re: Pro vs RepRap
September 04, 2014 05:12AM
What factors make the professional (expensive) printer produce better prints than those of the less expensive printers?

Using expensive components makes reliable designs easier, of course. Building simple is more challenging.

Also, RepRap is younger and pretty much lacks collaboration, so it'll take more time to get there. Currently, reinventing the wheel by single persons is high in fashion.

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