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A tip for all printing with ABS

Posted by pushthatbolder 
A tip for all printing with ABS
September 09, 2014 11:36AM
You probably know about ABS juice,
10mm length of 3mm filament (0.07g) dissolved in 10ml acetone. ABS juice is commonly used as a bed preparation to help parts stick to a Heated Bed.

But I have been using all my failed prints in the Acetone, making a REALLY thick but smooth juice.
Pour it on the bed, and smooth out and make level.

it is making all my prints have a glossy bottom surface.
as well as sticking super well.
it cleans of it a sheet.

essentially you are creating a layer of ABS without the lines of the print and when you print on the top of it and you clean it up, you don't see the lines and it looks really good.

i have no warping

my bed is 200x200 and i am only printing on the 100x100 centre portion so i slick this thick stuff on and it dries quick then i set the bed to temp and print.

Its probably old information and Everyone already knows about it.
but I didn't know about it and have been testing it out for the last week. so i am sharing
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