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Build 3D printer from scratch

Posted by Chethan M 
Build 3D printer from scratch
September 10, 2014 05:11AM
Hi All,

I am chethan from Bangalore (India) & Currently working in IT Industry.
I have around 7 years of coding experience in Mainframe & We owned a printing press business, where we used to print the wedding cards.
I came across this 3D printing few months back & i was very much excited to build on my own.
I searched in web, but i didn't get from where i have to start.

Not much is happening in India on 3D printing, so don't know where to start.
I want to build a 3D Printer by December to print mobile phone case or mobile phone cover.
Can any help me (mentor me) in building a 3D printer in India.

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Re: Build 3D printer from scratch
September 10, 2014 05:55AM
There are lots of good kits out there that are a good place to start many of them ship out of india...But Since you said build from scratch I would start with the Wiki and look over your options. The Prusa i2 and i3 are both easy to source parts for with minimal digging, as is the mendel 90. You might be able to find someone local to help you out in the India user group forum. [forums.reprap.org]

Thanks Mike
Re: Build 3D printer from scratch
September 10, 2014 06:51AM
I noticed this India based site in my wanderings:
The i3 kit seems reasonably priced.
Re: Build 3D printer from scratch
September 10, 2014 10:28PM
thank you very much for your reply.....
Re: Build 3D printer from scratch
September 11, 2014 06:17AM
Ive built one from scratch just by reading the reprap wiki articles and posts on the forums. With help from google search.
In the UK ive used ebay a lot for parts but tried to stay away from the 3d print shops on there and used engineering suppliers for rods and bearings.
The 3d print shops add a bit extra in price if they label threaded rod specifically for 3d printing.
So engineering shops in India may be a good source of parts.

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