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Motherboard Programming

Posted by Bob Hodge 
Motherboard Programming
March 30, 2010 11:33AM

I feel a compete idiot asking this, but here goes. I can't understand the instructions to create the download program:

The C++ program to be loaded into the Motherboard is in the directory mendel/firmware/FiveD_GCode/FiveD_GCode_Interpreter of the download. The latest version is here in the RepRap Subversion repository, but take care with that - it may be an unstable development version.

In your download directory there is a distribution configuration file called configuration.h.dist. Copy that file to a new file called configuration.h. The reason for this copying is that, when you download a new version of RepRap, you may not want to over-write your personal configuration file.

Run the Arduino Development Environment and load up the sketchbook mendel/firmware/FiveD_GCode/FiveD_GCode_Interpreter/FiveD_GCode_Interpreter.pde. Your new configuration.h file should appear as one of the tabs.

How is it that the configuration.h file should appear as one of the tabs? I'm not too sure what a tab is in this contect. I've put it in a directory of the same name as the FiveD_GCode_Interpreter - is this right? I assume that when I compile the FiveD_GCode_Interpreter file it is looking for information from configuration.h. When I do so (without me having changed anything) I get

21: error: vectors.h: No such file or directoryC:\DOCUME~1\Bob\LOCALS~1\Temp\build6291647049418745969.tmp\/configuration.h:4: error: stray '#' in program

I assume it is looking for a file vectors.h?

Any advice would be very much appreciated

I spun my wheels for a few days trying to go this route and finally pieced together a different process. If I knew more, I'd write it up for the wiki because what's there was confusing to me.

A snippet from my blog (http://petebergstrom.blogspot.com/):
    * Install the bootloader for the v1.2 motherboard using instructions from [exmrclean.blogspot.com] (replace ft232u with ttyusb if you're using the LadyAda USB-TTL cable).
    * Get everything going after that using the latest ReplicatorG (replicat.org) software. I spent a couple of days messing around with compiling and installing firmware from various sources trying to get the current firmware installed into the motherboard and then the RepRap host software to talk to it. ReplicatorG did exactly what I needed and then provides an easy-to-use control panel to exercise the motors.
Re: Motherboard Programming
March 30, 2010 01:17PM
Hi Pete

Glad to see that you found my post usefull.
Hi Fred,

Yes, thanks! I'd have to describe it as essential.

Re: Motherboard Programming
March 30, 2010 04:22PM
Thanks for your help, Pete. ReplicatorG certainly looks much friendlier, although I haven't got it to communicate with the controller, yet

I'll let you know how I get on

Re: Motherboard Programming
March 30, 2010 05:13PM
Hi Pete,

One very simple question I'm hoping you can help me with. I can't edit the ReplicatorG file machines.xml. I'm using XML notepad which works fine with firmware.xml but I get an error message

Version number'1.1' is invalid. Line 1, position 16

Can you suggest anything?

[It's taken me 4 months to build the hardware (with lathe/milling machine) and I had thought the software might be slightly quicker! ]

I like your blog, by the way, most professional.


Bob wrote:
>ReplicatorG certainly looks much friendlier, although I haven't got it to communicate with the controller, yet

I'm running under Ubuntu, so it may not directly apply, but I've found I need to power up the motherboard with the USB-TTL cable attached to the motherboard but unplugged from the PC. Then I start ReplicatorG and then plug in the USB cable. Then I select the serial port and RepG starts talking to the hardware. Hopefully I'm not exhibiting cargo-cult behavior, but I'll probably get around to debugging the problem from within RepG at some point.

>I can't edit the ReplicatorG file machines.xml

I don't have XML notepad, but the copy of machines.xml on my computer appears to be fine. Can you try editing with a fairly plain editor such as WordPad (make sure you save as text only)? I'm guessing that XML notepad is stumbling over the initial filetype tag at the beginning of the file (and note that firmware.xml omits).

I'm glad you like the blog; I've got to get better at writing things down so they don't get lost.
Re: Motherboard Programming
March 31, 2010 05:57AM
Hi Pete,

Thanks for the tip about Wordpad, which works fine. It's amazing how one tiny piece of information can make such a difference!

My problem now is that I can't get ReplicatorG to run any more - I can't think what I have done. I've downloaded everything again so it is using all the original files but I still can't get it to run on the PC, although it works OK on the desktop. I guess I may have to to back to the wiki after all!

For info, I've attached a picture of my reprap. I'm not into blogs yet!


open | download - Bob Reprap.jpg (41.6 KB)
Dear Sir,

Please Help

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Re: Motherboard Programming
December 29, 2010 04:19AM
try uninstalling jre and then reinstall with this version here: [www.oldapps.com]

i had replicator g not work after it crashed on me. i spent two days trying to figure it out. not for sure known, but jre did an update, then it no longer was compatible with java3d app. since i didn't want to mess around with updating java3d i just went to control panel and uninstalled java, then clicked on the download link i provided above. i may end up hosting this executable as well because java no longer supports this version and i could not find it on sun micro-systems web site.
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