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Auto calibration fine for keeping temperature, but takes 10min to initially reach target (212deg)

Posted by Walther 

Auto calibration works fine, and is gives me good PID values for keeping a temperature of 212 degeres (PET).

But at the beginning of the print, it can can take up to 10min for it to reach the temperature and start printing.

It will usually hover just below 212, around 203 or so.

Any ideas ?

Is there a set of PID values that will climb quickly to 212 that I could upload to firmware, and then add another set in the gcode ?

Try increasing the I value.
also have you tried insulating the heater block?
Thank you for the suggestions,

I tried increasing the I values, but that made the temperature very unstable +-10 degrees.

What would you suggest to use for insulation, tinfoil ?

Cork is great insulator
Thanks, I have some of that.
I also have some glue for furnaces.

Thank you,
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