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Bandwagonism in 2014

Posted by Ohmarinus 
Bandwagonism in 2014
November 05, 2014 04:12PM
Nowadays, many companies that have nothing to do with 3D-printing, suddenly put out a 3D-printer.
So, I'm just curious, is it bad, or is it wrong? Or is it good that companies aimed at a niche are willing to broaden this niche to a wide-open open street, a rue, a straße? This might push the prices down eventually, but on the other hand will also create a jungle of printing machines that don't have any kind of benchmarking method and this technique in my honourable opinion, is not ready for 'consumers' yet.

I just started wondering when I saw this Dremel 3D-printer:

In the video it feels as if they are justifying why they chose to bring out a printer. In a clumsy way it shows that they realize this machine is something that doesn't fit the companies profile (yet).

Who's next, Sony, Philips? Or maybe Yamaha? Casio?

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Re: Bandwagonism in 2014
November 05, 2014 04:25PM
As your subject says....

It's important to get into this 'new' industry, especially if you have you old and faithful audience. 3d printers will be a part of every household...
Re: Bandwagonism in 2014
November 05, 2014 04:40PM
The big printer boys are getting involved.
I saw an anouncement for an HP home printer a couple of weeks ago.

Re: Bandwagonism in 2014
November 05, 2014 04:41PM
I don't see the Dremel printer (Actually, made and supported by FlashForge) to be all that odd. While there isn't a whole lot of overlap with Dremel's other products mechanically, there is a lot of overlap with Dremel's user base.

Basically, FlashForge wanted a brand partner that could get much needed name recognition with the DIY crowd and preserve the image they wanted. Dremel liked the idea. It's not so much Dremel bandwagoning as a pair of companies seeing a win-win and going for it.

Similarly, the future HP 3D printer is being made by Stratasys (and is effectively a future upgraded version of the Connex... With a future "upgraded" price tag to match).

Basically, there's not as much bandwagoning as you might think.
Re: Bandwagonism in 2014
November 05, 2014 06:10PM
The HP printer is made by Stratasys? Where did you see that, so far I have seen no mention of that. About two years ago they discontinued their agreement and went their separate ways. I mean it could be some back room deal to push each others companies along by "competing" with each other.
Re: Bandwagonism in 2014
November 05, 2014 07:01PM
Well, it's nice to read these reactions. I am quite a negative thinker by nature, at least, my initial thoughts are almost always critical and negatively charged. I know this from myself so it's nice to read others' responses to this smiling smiley Thanks!

By the way, Océ, (married to Canon) is creating a 2.5D printer (kind of not-so-interesting, but they have a good budget for marketing and will probably be able to sell the machine anyways), I see this as them being afraid of going fully 3D. They still want to stay more in the traditional 2D-printing section, but also want to venture out further to explore what else is possible.

I see more companies going 3D, one of the first companies that I didn't expect it from was Velleman.

When people ask me about 3D-printing I usually tell them it's overrated winking smiley I'm so tired of these people who once heard about it on the news or saw it in a talkshow and then they come to me and act as if they know all about it. 90% of the talk is about 'The 3D-printed gun' and the rest is about printing bracelets from thingifarce tongue sticking out smiley

Re: Bandwagonism in 2014
November 06, 2014 07:56AM
I don't see them as Dremel, Arduino, Velleman printers. All these are printers made by somebody else and they convinced a company with a well known brand name to slap their name onto an otherwise unknown printer. It's pure marketing.

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