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Davinci XYZ retrofit

Posted by MachineHum 
Davinci XYZ retrofit
November 07, 2014 12:48PM
Hey guys,

I got a Davinci XYZ printer... it's not bad. But not really geared towards the maker/hacker community. I want to be able to customize my prints more using slic3r... I know there are hacks to get this to work... But honestly I rather just install all new electronics... I can pick up a RAMPS 1.4 kit for cheap off ebay...

My question is... has anyone done this? it sounds alright in theory but I know you can run into speed bumps pretty fast, and completely bricking my printer doesn't sound fun, even though it only cost me $500


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Re: Davinci XYZ retrofit
November 07, 2014 12:56PM
I suspect it might be pretty much plug & play.

But, for starters, could you show us pictures of the electronics and maybe a bit of the insides of the machine? Especially the connections to the electronics are important to see and check what the voltages are that the machine uses. 24v takes a different approach compared to a 12v system.

Re: Davinci XYZ retrofit
November 07, 2014 01:10PM
Yeah I can get some pictures for sure when I get home.
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