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Extruder Fan Questions

Posted by printer_man58 
Extruder Fan Questions
November 11, 2014 05:57PM
I got a new extruder from folger tech and attached to it is an extruder fan. From what I've seen on the forums you are supposed to attach the fan to the Ramps 1.4 board at D2 and the fan I received had a female attachment at the end. I was wondering if there was a better place to attach it, so I would not have to solder it directly to the board?
Re: Extruder Fan Questions
November 11, 2014 06:37PM
D2? You need to power the fan through one of the mosfet outputs, usually D9. Also, if its a hot end cooler, you can just attach it straight to 12V, it only needs to be controlled if its a part cooling fan.
Re: Extruder Fan Questions
November 11, 2014 07:46PM
Thanks Andrew Smith that makes much more sense I was wondering how it would be possible and thinking of attaching it to a power supply, but I wanted to make sure
Re: Extruder Fan Questions
November 12, 2014 04:20AM
If it's an extruder cooling fan, you don't have to use D9. You can just use another output from the ramps since it doesn't need any PWM.

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