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Using servo to raise and lower plate marker?

Posted by tm america 
Using servo to raise and lower plate marker?
November 15, 2014 06:12PM
So i am having thoughts of adding a plate marker to my machine to be able to etch bend marks,serial numbers and company logos into my machines ..i am thinking of using a servo to drive the plate marker up and down and do some type of spring loaded axis with a micro switch to tell the servo when to stop ..Basically the servo would be activated by a g code which would drive the axis downward. Then the plate marker would make contact with the material while the axis continues down putting pressure on the plate marker with a spring then after it gets a slight preload from the spring it would trigger a micro switch telling the axis to stop moving down..This would allow me to maintain a consistant down pressure on the plate marker even if the plate was warped or bowed.. This would also give very even results with the plate marker..This questions i have is about how to best write the code to control the servo?It would need to trigger the servo down at full speed then keep it going down whenever the micro switch is not in the closed position..this way if things were real warped to the point of needing to go back down to keep the spring under load it could do it without needing further input from the g code....
Re: Using servo to raise and lower plate marker?
November 15, 2014 08:08PM
It is looking like using an air cylinder might be a better, faster way to do the job.. so i am gonna start looking into a good way to work a soloniod to move the plate marker up and down..Maybe i can use one hose to feed the cylinder and engraver and just put a adjustable regulator on the cylinder..i'm thinking a set pressure on the cylinder would give even down pressure without needing a spring loaded setup?
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