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printing stop during job

Posted by shaip 
printing stop during job
November 18, 2014 03:34PM
Hi everybody
i try to print my first big part by SD card
and after almost 50% from job the printer decide to stop ,i can't believe!!!
why is it happened ? how can i know where is it stop and how can i start it from that point or even to cut the model and to start the second part and after that to combine them by glue?
but than i need to know exactly where to start the second part . please advice how can i do it
my printer is prusa i3 without screen .
Re: printing stop during job
November 18, 2014 06:13PM
what are you trying to print, can you include gcode file as well as the firmware you are using, and possibly the stl file? also what slicer used.

also what happens if you print from a computer, do you have an error log?

and do this first, format the sd card, then place the file on it. try it again, does the print finish?

it can be a file card format issue, sdcard damage, firmware issue such as improper interrupt loop, power supply issue, gcode commands issue. the list is endless. does your machine still home after it pauses?

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