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marketplace for 2D laser cutting files (.SVG)

Posted by aplusa3d 
marketplace for 2D laser cutting files (.SVG)
December 03, 2014 01:59PM

I have a microslice laser cutter that I backed on kickstarter. Its a pretty decent laser cutter kit that was fun to put together and easy to use (I need to learn inkscape better though).

Anyway, does anyone know of any thingiverse type marketplaces for 2D laser cutting files (.SVG). I know thingiverse is kinda a bad word around here, but its the easiest to refer to. I wouldnt mind browsing a paid or free marketplace.

Thanks for any suggestions.
Re: marketplace for 2D laser cutting files (.SVG)
December 03, 2014 02:45PM
I think that Thingiverse itself is already a good source. They have a ton of non-3Dprinter projects too!

Otherwise, Instructables has a lot of projects that also require lasercuts. That's all I could think of for now.

How is the cutter going? Can you cut the things you want? I'm curious as I'm looking into getting one myself smiling smiley btw, did you get safety googles with the cutter, or do you have to order them separately? And howmuch would they cost?

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Re: marketplace for 2D laser cutting files (.SVG)
December 05, 2014 09:50AM
Thanks for the tips about thingiverse, I had noticed they had 2D files but I hadnt explored it very well.

Safety glasses came with the kit, and I checked them out to make sure they covered the appropriate wavelengths, they are legit. Plus you can order extra pair(s) directly from thelittlebox.co.

The cutter itself is great for cutting paper and foam and cardboard. It engraves wood easily. Some have been able to tweak focus and other settings and been able to cut thin wood. I havent tried much engraving plastics, but it should be able to do that with some care. I havent done any rastering yet with it, but just bought the add-on for it. The cutter itself is Zero maintenance (unlike a 3D printer). Tweaking Laser focus isnt the easiest process currently, but for a reprap person, it isnt difficult at all. The build is fun, but basically is just gluing together a bunch of plastic parts, which seemed odd to me to use so much glue (instructions are free to download on that shop). The inventor of the Microslice, Greg is a standup guy and responds quickly to emails and forum posts. He has already added 2-3 upgrades to the microslice, which I bought but haven't yet arrived ( the international shipping is slow, he is based in the UK). The software chain is pretty easy, compared to 3D printing software chain.

That being said, I am also very intrigued by this Laser Cutter recently Kickstarted out of Australia

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Re: marketplace for 2D laser cutting files (.SVG)
December 05, 2014 01:50PM
Great, I will seriously consider getting the cutter, however, I also might just get a laser diode and build my old laser cutter. I have an old Prusa Air 2 which I don't use anymore and I can easily design a simply enclosure that offers just an X- and Y-axis....

Choices choices..

It's a bit of a bummer that it doesn't really cut wood, except maybe for thin Balsa. I will check out of there are any similar projects in my country (The Netherlands), but UK shipping is usually quite fast for me.

Re: marketplace for 2D laser cutting files (.SVG)
December 05, 2014 04:36PM
Im launching a 3d printer file marketplace within the next week, might consider this based on demand.
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