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Prusa i2 Gen6 board heatbed wiring.help

Posted by Zaka 67 
Prusa i2 Gen6 board heatbed wiring.help
December 20, 2014 07:17AM
Hi every body , I'm new here and this is the first time I post something in a forum , and I'm a newbee in electronic and 3d printing.

I have a Prusa i2 printer with a Gen6 ramp board ,I would like connect a MK2 heatbed on this board , I have found a tutorial on wikipedia 6 Spare pins for extension I could be able to do the wiring alone but for the programming of the board I don't know how to modify the firmware , I have an arduino program application but I don't know wich file to put in for modifying the firmware.

Thanks for helping and sorry for my bad frenglish . ^^

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Re: Prusa i2 Gen6 board heatbed wiring.help
December 20, 2014 01:43PM
download arduino ide, then download ramps marlin
there are instructions available here: [reprap.org] look in Compiling new Firmware section

from the tutorial page it states
Once you have all the circuits setup to use the pins you can simply define them in the Gen 6 part of pins.h. For Marlin I made the following modifications, my pins.h is also shown below.
Below "#if MOTHERBOARD == 5" (ie not deluxe), set HEATER_BED_PIN to 16 or 17 (depending on your choice) and TEMP_BED_PIN to 0
Set #define SDSS to -1
Set Fan_PIN to 17 or 16
You must also specify to use software PWM for the fan otherwise the fan can only either be on or off, just call #define FAN_SOFT_PWM somewhere
The type of thermistor you are using for the bed must also be defined in Configuration.h as shown below.

a clear warning here. if you are ok with the time and effort realize that this may not go as planned, firmware may not compile correctly, common support is not available and you may find that you need to learn c++ just to correct a few lines of code for your own uses. if this is a task you are not willing to be able to handle, then I would spend 40-80$ for a new board type that supports heated beds, because in the end that is what you may do because you will likely be spending 20-80hrs on this learning project. well worth it if you intend to learn about programming, and electronics,
Re: Prusa i2 Gen6 board heatbed wiring.help
December 20, 2014 03:39PM
Ok , I would like to learn programming but not immediately , I think I buy a board , but are they all compatible with my printer ?
Have you any advice for a good board with dual extrusion possibility , and not to hard to handle with, can I use my arduino board to control my printer?
Re: Prusa i2 Gen6 board heatbed wiring.help
December 20, 2014 04:53PM
i just Look at Ebay , I choose a rumba , is apparently prusa compatible.
Re: Prusa i2 Gen6 board heatbed wiring.help
December 21, 2014 07:00AM
Can I use the temp controller from my filastruder until I get the Board?
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