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controlling ambient temp with second extruder output

Posted by archy587 
controlling ambient temp with second extruder output
January 01, 2015 03:30PM
Hey all,

Im trying to set up a heated build volume using a heat gun to see if that will help my ABS parts from warping so much.

Im running marlin 1.0.5- r2 on a ramps 1.4 board. In marlin configuration.h I set motherboard to 34 and set number of extruders to 2.

I have my printer inside a box with a heat gun. The fan on the heat gun is on whenever the printer is on. The heater of the heat gun is AC, so its wired to an AC ssr, and the relay is switched on and off from ramps D9 output.

So, this works fine except I dont think marlin is set up to have different control constants for individual extruders. And it would be much better if extruder 1 (the actual extruder) was a PID controller, and extruder2 (the relay to the heat gun) was a pretty slow BangBang controller.

Is there any way to separate the controller for individual extruders? should I just set up another controller on another output pin?

thanks for any advice!
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