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Printing textures

Posted by steampunk 
Printing textures
February 06, 2015 05:15PM
So I first posted this in the software section but I thought it would fit better here. So I just made an account today, tried to find an idea I had on here but didn't so if its already a thing or if this would be better discussed some where else then my bad. I thought it would be cool make it a part of any slicer to include a texture ability. I haven't really thought of a bunch of textures but one in particular that I thought of was fiber like texture. So say I printed a small scene with grass, after the top infil the printer could make a dot and taper off the extrusion or reverse it as it pulls up x amount of mm to make a blade of grass and do this all over the top with a settable amount of spacing. Same could be done for fur or spikes or teeth. It would be an extra layer that could be added and could be controlled with a degreed threshold amount similar to the support material say 15% from horizontal. The texture would be any combination of extrusion distances, spacing/pattern and z axis heights. I don't know if any one here can make this kind of mod for a slicer program but I think it would add a whole lot of dimension to 3D printing. Perhaps you could have a predetermined texture that can me scaled and then wrapped by clicking on a fairly horizontal surface.
Re: Printing textures
February 06, 2015 05:32PM
... I can remember an artist, doing this with preformed (not printed) plastic surfaces, which he touched with a hot stick, melting a small blob and pulling strands out of the surface -- was nearly representing fur or gras, depending on the tip and his procedere ...

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Re: Printing textures
February 07, 2015 07:47AM
Interesting question, but not really a reason to do double postings. (In General and Experimental subforums).

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