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weird problem help

Posted by Antslake 
weird problem help
February 21, 2015 12:30AM
Prusa i3, printing ABS. Printing out a tree frog that is 107grams of material. It is well within the limits of my machine. So the first time I printed it, it got to about 5mm high, then the whole machine skipped over 13mm to the left. I rechecked everything and re-sliced it and it printed. Then I tried to print again another one, and it did the same thing, this time a little less than 5mm in height, and seemed to skip over to the left 13 mm again. So then I turned my model 90 degrees on the bed to see if it was axis specific, and again it did the same thing again, this time going towards the back. I am pretty baffled by this.

Using Cura to slice it. scaled it up x3

I am wondering if the hotend is crashing into the model and making it skip? When it goes from the front feet back to the body? That over hang I am printing without support. It happened on both axis's, so I don't think it is loose belt related.
Re: weird problem help
February 21, 2015 12:41AM
Actually just found z-hop function, going to try that.
Re: weird problem help
February 21, 2015 07:29AM
Check motor current and acceleration. If current is too low and/or acceleration is too high it will skip.
Do the motors get warm, but not hot, after running for an hour? If not your current may be set too low.
Also check the grub screw that holds the pulley on the motor shaft.
Re: weird problem help
February 21, 2015 08:22PM
Check current. Turn the current up in slight increments and run it for a while. You want the motors warm, but not too hot to touch, especially if they are mounted to PLA parts. I learned this the hard way. I have had 5 hour prints ruined because the motor skipped one friggin step 4 hours in. I wasnt happy considering that it was the end of the spool. Good luck!
Re: weird problem help
February 21, 2015 10:21PM
The z-hop worked! That massive over hang that is the frogs belly and throat area would curl up a bit, then when the hotend came back over it would get stuck, I am assuming. I like to run my hotend hot for superior bonding, but on overhangs it causes them to curl up a bit.
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