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3 way extruder

Posted by schneck007 
3 way extruder
February 22, 2015 01:59PM
I want to build a reprap and want to use the 3ways extruder from richrap.

My question is how to get all 3 filament trough the nozzle. Do i only need to make a hole in the m6 brass screw and get all tree peektubes in it or do i have to make something special with it?

Does anybody know how to make the blend gcode for it?

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Re: 3 way extruder
February 23, 2015 03:15AM
you need a hot end with 3 peek tubes.

there is no gcode for this yet, he 'improvised' a hack where by he changed his steps/mm. ie two filaments, two extruders, half the steps/mm on both extrders to make up the same volume of plastic.

Same with 3... 1/3 the normal step/mm to three extruders to get the orriginal volume.

There is still work being done on this.

Currently most firmwares do not support multiple concurrent extruding.. just a tool change, so one extruder at a time. (this is being worked on)

Annothere avenue is the triple extruder... no mixing, but uses a normal hot end

see [repables.com]

I know he is working with the smoothieware people to get con current firmware working before making a mixing extruder

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Re: 3 way extruder
February 23, 2015 05:45AM
I have a tri-colour hotend available at [deltaprinter.co.za]

You only learn when you change your mind.
Re: 3 way extruder
February 23, 2015 11:30AM
if i understand right i can only print with 3 single color?
I can not mix them for example print with red and yellow to get orange or make things like the "builder" can do?( first part from yellow to a slight orange and then to red)

but what richrap made with all 3 extruder was really nice.
They mixed all color together or get i something wrong?

It is possible to print the modell with one matrial(pla) and only the support with pva?

Sorry for my question I'm a noob in this

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Re: 3 way extruder
February 23, 2015 09:40PM
take annother look at richrap page.. he printed it like tooth pase, ie it doesnt mix colours, it just sqezes two or three out the nozzel and they come out like toothpasted striped filiment

Currently you cannot mix filiments like paint or ink.
Re: 3 way extruder
February 24, 2015 12:54PM

my mistake but the is the same thx.

could anybody give a link with building instruction for the delta/rostock printer?

I would like to build my rostock to 40,40,40 printing size.Don't know if it is possible because of the firmware.

on google I find nothing

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Re: 3 way extruder
February 25, 2015 02:36AM
The detla design is very very scalable

See [3dprint.com]

as for manuals there are a bunch eg [builda3dprinter.eu] follow that as general guide but scale as needed

the biggere you go, the more solid you have make it, so it can get expensive fast..

40 what? mm? meters? babaric inches?

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Re: 3 way extruder
February 26, 2015 12:40PM
40cm but how long need the arms to be..
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