Arduino Due with Radds 1.2 capability
April 08, 2015 05:16AM

To control the 3D printer, a RADDS 1.2 with an Arduino Due shield will be used.

The following is a link to the diagram of the two components together: []. It shows that the heatbed(s) can be provided with 12 V and 15 A from the board. Therefore, the only way to have it run is if the heatbeds are in parallel and have a rating of 12 V each. The problem is whether the board can also provide the current to the beds.

The current will be split for each bed if in parallel configuration. If the bed is rated at 270 W (for example) then each bed requires 22.5 A (I = P/V) which is clearly higher than what the board can provide. Is there a way to make this work? For example, what if the resistance of the bed is increased? Would that make the beds require a lower current? Or should I just have beds with a lower power rating? If the power rating is lowered then would the max temperature of the bed decrease?

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Re: Arduino Due with Radds 1.2 capability
April 08, 2015 07:39AM
Use an external SSR to switch the bed power. Problem solved..... winking smiley
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