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California government butting into 3D printers

Posted by vreihen 
California government butting into 3D printers
April 17, 2015 06:05AM
A co-worker forwarded me an article about this California bill, so I had to go look it up for myself. Looks llike some politician got shot down on their drone bill, and re-wrote it as a 3D printer copyright warning bill:


As a New York State resident, there's not much that I can say except only in California.....
Re: California government butting into 3D printers
April 17, 2015 08:25AM
Of all the stupid stuff idiot politicians do, this one ranks a solid "meh".
Re: California government butting into 3D printers
April 17, 2015 10:06AM
Do California libraries have similar warnings next to photocopiers or computer printers? It seems like those would be far more likely subject to misuse than a 3D printer.


For purposes of this section, a “3D printer” means a machine or other device that manufactures or produces solid objects by depositing layers of material...
Obviously this bill was lobbied for by Carbon3D and their new continuous printing technology that doesn't have layers... /s
Re: California government butting into 3D printers
April 17, 2015 11:50AM
The State of California knows many things, that may or may not be based on scientific fact. (Printed on disclaimer warnings for products containing a whole slew of chemicals and sold in their state.)

I know that post public-access copiers in my area (far away from California in New York State) have copyright warning signs, but I believe they are in place by federal law since the feds (and not individual states) handle copyright/trademark/patent stuff.

California has been experiencing a long-term drought for several years, and NASA just released calculations saying that the state only has a year of water left in its reservoirs. Instead of building new reservoirs or desalination plants to convert seawater into drinking water, they are passing laws like the above, putting disclaimers on everything as a known carcinogen, building a high-speed train to nowhere, and fighting desalination plans because it might make some fish feel unwelcome along the shore. Besides a water shortage, there's obviously a shortage of common sense in their state. I just hope that next week's proposed law doesn't prohibit hotends because the State of California knows that they cause climate change.....
Re: California government butting into 3D printers
April 19, 2015 12:46AM
It was re-referred back to the Judiciary committee. It's not going to make it out of committee. It's a non issue.
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