newbie help getting started
May 10, 2015 03:18AM
ok im in the uk and i want to buy a 3d printer but not sure where to start so if you could help me out

1.i want a diy kit want to learn as i go and i enjoy assembly do i buy a kit or do i get individual bits i want

2 i want a good extruder and a good flatbead but theres so many out there whats best

3 best shops or sourses at the moment looking at the prusa i3

4.whats the best or difference in 1.75mm or 3mm and the nozzle size why does this matter of affect

5 looking at abs and flexible pla as main thinks i need to print

6 what sort of control boards etc any help thanks

lst of all a budget of around £250 or $400
Re: newbie help getting started
May 10, 2015 04:00AM
I´m newbie too, but learned a lot during the last week with reading this forum up and down.

I bought a Sintron prusa i3, because they were the cheapest on the bay.
But the old saying is again true:

Buy cheap-buy twice...

Their acrylic frame is only 5mm thick, which is a joke because the square holes, that should lock the frameparts together are made for 6mm thickness. thumbs down Also the screws for the frame are now 1mm to long. Plain silly...
The kit is far from complete. You have to search elsewhere for screws, springs, bearings, belt tensioners...

But you can also buy the electronics kit from there.
At Mega, RAMPS, LCD, stepperdrivers. Can´t go wrong with that, they´re almost the same. ( Go for drv8825 drivers, it might pay out in long term. )

Regarding the extruder, you have to read a bit. There is an ongoing development process. What you buy today, is outdated tomorrow. winking smiley
I have bought the MK8 extruder from Sintron, it works. but I can´t compare it with others.

While I´m building my printer, the wish list grows everyday with upgrades and improvements. These LM8UU bearings on the bay all seem to be crap. I saw one SKF bearing for 12€ instead of 12 bearings for 10€. Guess what´s better? Although, you could buy 5 sets of 12 bearings and sort them out.

Have fun spending your Money, that´s the best advice I can give
Olaf from Germany

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Re: newbie help getting started
May 11, 2015 01:51PM
bought my kit already built with some upgrades fitted and been used and tested now need to know where to go next got autocad thats done

how do i or do i need to program for printer on pc it does have sd card lcd
is the program for the pc slicer

do ineed anything else
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