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PLA in yellow, magenta, cyan?

Posted by o_lampe 
PLA in yellow, magenta, cyan?
May 10, 2015 04:45AM
Hi guys,
I found yellow and magenta PLA but no cyan/türkis. Would be nice to know, if anyone had a link for me?!

Re: PLA in yellow, magenta, cyan?
May 10, 2015 10:29AM
Hmmm....CMYK. There is a group out of Europe somewhere that is making a "diamond" hot end that takes three Hexagon's and puts them out at one point. Multi-color printing but it would have some lag in it. Very interesting...
Re: PLA in yellow, magenta, cyan?
May 10, 2015 01:16PM
Ooops, you read my mind...
I banged my head this morning and made a drawing of a flux-compensator... smoking smiley

Not really, it´s just an idea for a single hotend with 5 extruder inputs on it. Looks like a hedgehog winking smiley
Only missing cyan to print full color rainbows and unicorns, hehe

just added a quick and dirty sketch of the hotend. Black, white, yellow, cyan, magenta filament from the sides. heating element from the top and tempsensor in the vertical hole.

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open | download - hedgehog_RGB-BW.JPG (17.9 KB)
Re: PLA in yellow, magenta, cyan?
May 10, 2015 05:07PM
Google is your friend... e.g. http://filamentcentral.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=125 and this

Add one more extruder input for transparent. And some mechanism to thoroughly mix the molten filament. winking smiley

The Diamond hot end can be found on Kickstarter.
Re: PLA in yellow, magenta, cyan?
May 11, 2015 02:43AM
typical me! I always come too late with my ideas... eye rolling smiley

Although I´m interested how the Diamond nozzle is able to print lighter or darker colors? My design would mix white and black into the three other colors and you´d have real full color printing....

Also it wouldn´t be neccessary to put these huge cooling fins on each extruder, the heat spreads now on 3 extruders ( or 5 in my case ) therefor the individual cooling area can be 1/3 or 1/5 the surface.

Denmark is not to far from here, maybe I contact them for collaboration?
Do they have a user group here? Just checked...there were only small waves of enthusiasm crashing through this forum. Impressing, they made their kickstarter goal in just two days!
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