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Hot-End Offset

Posted by ayouden 
Hot-End Offset
May 12, 2015 03:59AM

I currently have a delta machine running Marlin and the carriage I am using has space for 2 hot-ends, however I am only using 1 currently.

This means that the prints are off centre by the X Y offset.

I have had a quick look and apparently M218 is the way to go for this.

I have put in to my start G-Code:

This hasn't done anything sadly, so I was wondering if I have put it in the wrong place?



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Re: Hot-End Offset
May 12, 2015 04:50PM
How many extrudes do you have defined in your Configuration.h file? The M218 code is ignored if EXTRUDERS = 1.
Re: Hot-End Offset
May 13, 2015 04:10AM

Well in which case I shall set it to 2 and see what happens!

Re: Hot-End Offset
May 13, 2015 06:58AM
Just changed it, and still no effect.

Still treats it as if the extruder is at 0,0 rather than 10.4,-18.1.

Re: Hot-End Offset
May 18, 2015 09:14AM
Still haven't managed to get this to work sad smiley

Anyone got any ideas?
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