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Feature Size

Posted by Val42 
Feature Size
July 05, 2010 01:40PM
The RepRap looks like a neat machine. I'd like to build one, but I'm still investigating.

However, I've seen some photos of some of the items built and they don't look so good. These may have been pictures of mistakes. I'd like to see some close-up photos of some of the things that have been made. I know that the nature of this type of device leaves some strings that need to be trimmed, which isn't a problem for me. Nevertheless, I'd like to know how much post-finishing you've done on any item pictured.

Are there some other web sites that show close-up photos of RepRap items?


- Val -
Re: Feature Size
July 05, 2010 05:48PM
If you want to see what's possible, and really want a good start to reprap, have a read of this blog.


Really worth a full read, gives a great sense of history to the project... And he's made lots of things detailed in the blog... His are IMHO better than most I've see, but some others do as well.


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