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Ultimate auto bed leveling system

Posted by thetazzbot 
Ultimate auto bed leveling system
May 28, 2015 04:29PM
So, I decided to upgrade my auto bed leveling system winking smiley

[see attachment]

Once I had everything else calibrated besides the bed, which includes:

X Axis bars parallel to the bed, all the way across
Bed parallel to the base, left and right, front and back
Legs secured to the base
Frame secured to the base
X motor mount and X idler secured to the Z nuts that the Z threaded rods go through
Y rods secured to the legs

I was thinking... i wonder... These springs and servos are so annoying. I put the pictured nuts in place as spacers on four corners. Then re-measured parallelism, and would you know what? It's dead on.

So then I recalibrated Z height using the paper shim gauge scientific method.
The last thing I need to address is the connection between Z motors and Z threaded rods. In essence, my goal is near zero backlash all the way around.

So far so good. In my humble opinion, I think it wise to address the cause of bed issues so that you get consistent output time and time again. Now, when I close down for the night, come back the next day, I can trust that no gremlins came in and loosened my nuts!


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