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RepRap Prusa i3 with Mac - Need Help!

Posted by micahknite 
RepRap Prusa i3 with Mac - Need Help!
June 02, 2015 02:16PM
Hi, I purchased a Folger Tech RepRap Prusa i3 3D printer a few months ago, and I still cannot get it working. I'm using Repetier Host on a Mac, meaning the version of Repetier Host I have is only 0.56.

Here are some of my problems:
- Can't set home
- Keep getting "echo: endstop hit" when I move in a certain direction on all axises.
- The bed, or Y axis motor does not move the bed platform. It makes a noise, but does not move. I set it to the stepper drives to the correct Vref as it told me to, .550 V for Y driver.

Re: RepRap Prusa i3 with Mac - Need Help!
June 02, 2015 04:22PM
Check you endstops are in the correct place and are not reading activated.

Have you place the endstops in the correct locations?
Re: RepRap Prusa i3 with Mac - Need Help!
June 02, 2015 04:30PM
If your firmware calls for the limit switches to be normally open and they are normally closed or the exact opposite it will cause this problem, I was trying to move my axis when I was building my printer and I had not added limit switches yet but my firmware was looking for normally closed and could not find them as they were not attached and were in the open position without wiring.

If your Y axis is just making noise and not moving the axis chances are your current is set too low, find the pololu driver module on your ramps board and turn the potentiometer until it moves, search the forum on how to set current (or google it) there are a few videos on youtube that will help you do this as well.
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