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confused smileyHelp with hotend

Posted by macsoft 
confused smileyHelp with hotend
June 04, 2015 07:28AM
I've recently bought a E3D hotend.
I'm still on the number changing game to get it right.. it seas I need to set at much higher temperatures to get the same results I'm used to with PLA, but that is not the reason for this post.
I have a different problem with it:
When I set a target temperature, the firmware raises temperature until it is almost there and shuts off 4 or 5 degrees before, expecting it to go up on its on the last degrees.
Problem is, the minute the heater shuts off, temperature only raises a couple of degrees before coming down, so it NEVER gets to the target temperature.
I have to manually lower target temperature for it to start printing.

Where I can change the shut off setting so It shuts off closer to the target temperature?
A G ccode would be even best.
I've been looking on G570 but it seams it is a diferent type of timeout.
Re: confused smileyHelp with hotend
June 04, 2015 07:49AM
Hi Mac,

What value do you have in your firmware for the thermistor?


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Re: confused smileyHelp with hotend
June 04, 2015 08:18AM
The reason for the temp cutoff too early, is the PID setting in firmware

I donĀ“t know, how to fix this. Maybe there is an autotune option?
Re: confused smileyHelp with hotend
June 04, 2015 09:26AM
You haven't told us what electronics and firmware you are running, which makes it difficult to help you.

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