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Reprap CNC controller

Posted by Cold_Fox89 
Reprap CNC controller
June 10, 2015 01:11PM
I have the reprap cnc-gcode-controller but I not a single code that I have tried works with it, what kind of g code do you need for it? I use HSMExpress to get the gcodes from my Solidworks drawings.
Re: Reprap CNC controller
June 10, 2015 10:42PM
GCode is pretty simple to write. Does your controller work with manually created gCode?
Here's a sample that works with LinuxCNC:
(T3 D=0.0591 CR=0. - ZMIN=-0.1575 - FLAT END MILL)
N10 G90 G94 G17 G91.1
N15 G20
N20 G53 G0 Z0.
N25 M9
N30 T3 M6
N35 S20000 M3
N40 G54
N45 M9
N55 G0 X-0.5545 Y-1.0987
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