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Inside structure missing

Posted by Waldo77 
Inside structure missing
June 30, 2015 02:25PM
I am exporting .stl from Blender and loading it into Cura. I then scale it appropriately and examine layers. The inside of the structure, which resembles a bell, opening down, is empty. The original drawing had another bell structure inside, which is missing when I examine slicing layers. That is, normal view shows the inside structure, but layers view shows the inside structure missing. If I print it, it prints what the layers view shows, not what the normal view shows. See attached. How do I get it to print what is inside?
open | download - inside structure missing.pdf (73.8 KB)
Re: Inside structure missing
July 01, 2015 04:22AM
The first thing I can think off is the "black Magic" -function is enabled. ( in Cura expert settings )
Or the inside structure is not "watertight" and is therefor ignored by Cura.

See the attachment for black magic and" repair options".

If it still is hollow, try netFabb to repair the .stl file.
open | download - black-magic.JPG (58.9 KB)
Re: Inside structure missing
July 01, 2015 07:17AM
I think your 3d model is non manifold: there are intersecting faces.
You should separate each meshes to individual objects in blender ( P > separate ), and combine them with boolean operations, to finally have just one manifold mesh. Don't forget to make the face normals consistent before ( ctrl + N ). Then you can export the combined object: select it, and when exporting, check the box "apply modifiers".

If done right, no need of repairing the STL.

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