July 04, 2015 11:40AM

You do not need to reply to spambots. Just hit the 'Report' button and some volunteer grunt admin like myself will delete the post.

If you guys engage in a long witty conversation with the spambot, it confuses the admin.
Is the admin supposed to delete the whole post?
Is the admin supposed to save the whole clever conversation for future generations?
Just hit 'Report' please.
Re: spambots
July 04, 2015 01:06PM
I only have one comment to make. Check out Google right now and search for "banquet hall queens ny health department" and see who has the #1 hit:

How long was that post up before Google indexed it...with all of my bad keywords? smiling bouncing smiley Not saying to leave the posts up, but rather pointing out why SEO spammers do what they do and how quickly it can backfire on them if someone poisons the SEO like I did with undesirable search terms.....
Re: spambots
July 04, 2015 01:45PM
vreihen, I thought your post was funny and I feel bad for deleting it. But I do not think we should get in the habit of trying to poison SEO spammers. It would clutter up the forum with off-topic posts containing (possibly) inappropriate language. What would a first time visitor to think if they read such posts and they are not in on the joke?
Re: spambots
July 04, 2015 07:40PM
I'm not upset that you deleted it. I was just curious about the effectiveness of SEO spamming forums like this, and my negative keywords post proved that even an hour's visibility before deleting their posts is enough for them to get their job done.....
Re: spambots
July 04, 2015 08:07PM
I just wish that I had noticed that that is what you did, so I could have noted how to do it . . . . that's pure gold!

Spamming *should* be painful!

- Tim
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