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My marlin delta printer will not home...

Posted by Student95 
My marlin delta printer will not home...
July 07, 2015 10:44AM
Hallo dear reprappers,

I have an issue with my delta 3D printer. When I use in repetier the home button all the axis are going up to the reference switches (microswitches). When the first axis arrives it stops going up. At that time one of the other 2 axis also stoped going up and the other one goes further up but only faster than before. When the fast axis is than at the reference switch it stops, goes down a little bit, and goes again up until it hits the switch. Now happens the strange thing. The first axis which hitted the reference switch goes now further up through the switch and keeps going up. Now i have to turn my powersupply off, otherwise the axis runs out of the 3D printer.... Can anybody help me with this problem?

I attached my configuration.h

I'm using a ramps 1.4 board with an arduino mega 2560.
open | download - configurationh.txt (36.5 KB)
Re: My marlin delta printer will not home...
July 08, 2015 02:22AM
I'm now struggling with what could be the problem, and what I think is really strange. When I home the printer the printer responses on the switches, but if I use the M119 code all i'm seeing is that the all the axis are open, even when i manually close the microswitches...
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