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Auto bed leveling with RAMBO and inductive sensor

Posted by ncl32 
Auto bed leveling with RAMBO and inductive sensor
July 13, 2015 01:53PM
Hi everyone,

So I am building a new printer and I have a RAMBO 1.3 and a printrbot auto bed leveling sensor. I have followed a few guides on how to set this up, but none directly for the RAMBO. Here is an article I followed that features the RAMPS, [www.instructables.com]

After everything has been wired, powered back on and ran M119 to check the status of the endstops. All the endstop read open till triggered. Which should be great, and show me that they're working. But, Now none of the motors move. This is confusing. I then decided to do some trouble shooting. First thing was to unplug the single wire running to the z-min signal pin from the RAMBO coming from the probe. I did this, and powered up again and suddenly all the motors work again.

So with that being said, I have concluded a few things. The probe triggers correctly when attached, and the that is shown via the firmware, but the motors dont move. And secondly that when unplugged from signal the motors run but the sensor is obviously disconnected.

My office lacks air conditioning so my thought process is a bit dulled, but what am I missing? Is there a requirement with the rambo that the endstop pins must be occupied in order for everything to work?

Let me know if you guys have any suggestions.

Kind regards,

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