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power consumed prusa i3

Posted by trist077 
power consumed prusa i3
July 19, 2015 11:43AM
hi not surer if anyone else done but measured eletric power printer is using and heres my results

if printer is idle 11.3 watts whick cost typicaly 9p per 30 minutes
heating up and using printer inc heatbed and hotend ramps etc 146watts average max certain points 152 watts =1.11 per 30mins
so turned heatbed off at first layer 3 quick perimeters and 45 watts =34p per 30 mins so conclusion heated be uses most power

this was a reprap power supply, E3d v6 heated unsure of bed yet will post when print stopped and arduino with ramps 1.4 nema 23 motors
so after this check is there a lower watt heatbed heater
or any powers their printer via solar panel or leisure battery

the reason i did this test was last month are bill was a little high and the only new thing was the printer and being new to the hobby i spent most spare time on tuneing fixing etc
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