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Can you tell me something about bluetooth?

Posted by qiaoyifei 
Can you tell me something about bluetooth?
August 06, 2015 06:15AM
Hello,everyone,I come fron China,and my english is turly bad,Now I have a problem.
You see,I want to control my prusa i3 by bluetoothin my phone?But if I add JY-MVC (which is the cheap module that can connect melzi to bluetooth)to melzi and control by my phone,should I put my phone close to my i3 while printing?
Of course I will write a program to connect my phone to melzi.
I think If i convert the stl to Gcode and send all the message to the melzi at once,mybe i can leave and let it pringing itself.Hoever,if I leave a while and after some minutes i come back then I want to pause it?how can i get connected again?
I think maybe the best way to control the i3 is through wifi not Bluetooth?
I am so sorry that I am not familiar with arduino programing,so maybe my question is really simple?
Re: Can you tell me something about bluetooth?
August 11, 2015 04:35PM
I just learned from a cousin that bluetooth can be easily hacked.

But as to your question, I am not sure bluetooth is currently a supported option for 3D printers. You might look into picking up a Raspberry Pi with a Wifi module and install OctoPrint to control your computer. You should then be able to connect to it using your phones browser.

Alternatively, you could swap out your controller board for one of the 32bit options like a Duet or Smoothie Board (?). I believe both have Ethernet adapters for connecting to your LAN, and at least the Duet RepRap Firmware should have a web based interface for controlling your printer.

Hopefully someone else can provide more information.
Re: Can you tell me something about bluetooth?
August 12, 2015 06:23AM
bluetooth is used by some people. It effectivly just replaces the serial (serial over usb) cable.

So you still need a standard control software like pronterface etc. It effectivly just spools gcode to the printer.

What is normally done is wire up the bluetooth to one of the unused serial ports on the controller, on the mega (there are 4 serial ports, but you have to move some endstops around to get access to 2 of them) then reconfigure marlin to use that serial port instead of the default one. (one line change in configuration.h)
I dont know about the melzi to that level. (google tells me it has 2 serial ports and the second one is on the expansion header pins rx1,tx1)

But before that they configure the bluetooth module for the baud rate you want and save that as power on settings.

See [reprap.org] for details

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