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Good work RepRap team!

Posted by bartdietrich 
Good work RepRap team!
August 17, 2015 04:44PM
Apologies for the random message which contains no questions at all! But then again I'm not that apologetic about posting it...

After a few months with my Ormerod 2 and a slightly bumpy start I finally got to the stage where I can design and print things more or less reliably: for home and for work. Just today I ordered another Ormerod 2 (from RS but presumably the money still finds its way back to RepRap!?!) for the research group I work for and my boss has offered me another year's worth of employment (the joy of being a postdoc). Not trying to connect the two in any way (although I have been using the printer for work a lot) but I'm sure the 3D printing wasn't held against me in his decision...

So to the point: it's amazing to see a 3D model on the screen and then, a few hours later, hold it in your hand. So far as I know, RepRap have made this possible at an affordable price and the possibilities for modifying/adapting the machine for other purposes (as will indubitably be the case sooner or later) are unparalleled by any other manufacturer of 3D printers that I know of. So thank you to the intrepid team of developers (some of whom had to answer some of my newbie questions) for a pretty damn cool product, efficient and personal customer support, oh and have I mentioned the rather cool piece of kit they sell??

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