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Diagonal rod length calibration

Posted by Andy1989 
Diagonal rod length calibration
September 09, 2015 02:53PM
Im so close to getting my delta printer calibration but im struggling at the final hurdle, diagonal rod length.

If my prints are too small, do I do i need to increase or decrease diagonal rod length?

The equations on this page say reduce it

The equations on this page says increase it

Which one is correct?
Re: Diagonal rod length calibration
September 09, 2015 03:23PM
Increasing the configured diagonal rod length in the firmware will reduce the amount of carriage movement, and hence reduce the print size on the XY plane. But first, check that you have your tower steps/mm configured correctly, by checking that your prints are the correct height.

Unless you have an error in your build, such as the pairs of parallel rods not being quite parallel, then you should be able to use the value you measure and it should give accurate prints.

Btw questions like this are better posted on the Delta Machines section of this forum.

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