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Silicone heated bed

Posted by ZedSG 
Silicone heated bed
September 18, 2015 02:52AM
Dear fellow forummers,

I am a nubie in the 3D printing world. However, I am tasked to do a school project on 3D printing.
The project is totally diy. We use arduino mega 2560 & ramps 1.4 & repetier.
Recently bought a silicone heater rated at 12V & 200W.
Change the necessary in Marlin. However, found that the bed did not go up the specified temperature, which is 110d C
Is this due to maybe we need to get an SSR connected?
If so, do we purchase ac-dc ssr or dc-dc ssr?
What ratings of ssr is preferable?
Can anyone kind enough to show the schematic on how it should be wired?

Re: Silicone heated bed
September 18, 2015 05:53AM
There isn't enough power, how big is the heater? What PSU are you using?
Re: Silicone heated bed
September 20, 2015 01:39PM
On the Ramps board the STP55NF06L. - MOSFET is rated to 60V, 55A. it comes in a TO-220 case. However you are running in the order of 16.6 amps through it and it will get very hot. Get a heat sink to fit on the TO-220 case and maybe a small fan for it as well. This is what I have done, after burning out one MOSFET eye popping smiley

As has been said, check the capacity of your PSU.
Re: Silicone heated bed
September 22, 2015 01:46AM
Thanks guys for your input.
Manage to get the bed heating up
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