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Diy printer from scratch

Posted by Gaou 
Diy printer from scratch
September 27, 2015 10:18AM
Guys hi,

This is my first post out of the mendel topic, and i dont know if it is in the right session but i really didn't knew where to put it .

I am getting to the point now. As you ve already understand i am happy owner of a reprappro mendel 3 for some months . But i would like to start to build one more using printed parts. Through all the search i ve did ion the net i can see that there are several options but i would like to hear from you what is the best solution .

So what i care is .

The main construction to be from printed parts,
THe electronics ( the main board ) to be tested and commonly used . Apart from that i really dont care about anything else. So what is ur opinion?

Be well guys and happy printing.
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