Adafruit Graphic LCD with RGB Backlight
October 14, 2015 07:51PM
Im still very wet behind the ears when it comes to hardware and software interface, so I would love some help with this question. I love the Negative Graphic Display with RGB back light from adafruit, [], and I was wondering if this display could be, not with massive changes, used with Marlin and the same basic circuit as the GLCD Smart Controllers that are available everywhere? I realize that the firmware would have to be updated to control the backlights color, but would the libraries included in Marlin work with these displays?

Erik S
Re: Adafruit Graphic LCD with RGB Backlight
October 14, 2015 10:28PM
I have done some work with this display and have submitted changes to the Marlin code to support it. However, because of a certain individual's behavior, I am no longer support the changes. If you get the latest code, look for the define ELB_FULL_GRAPHIC_CONTROLLER and enable it. I had the basic display functionality working. But with some of the latest changes, they have broken the contrast control for LCD displays and as a result, the display does not get the contrast set correctly. I had submitted a couple pull requests to fix it, but because I didn't "style" my code correctly, it wasn't accepted. Anyways, I can help you with it if you are interested. I tried to use the same control lines as the GLCD, but had to make some changes. The eagle files are located here [] and you can see how the pins are assigned.
Re: Adafruit Graphic LCD with RGB Backlight
October 16, 2015 03:53PM
That's exactly what I've been looking for! Thanks.
I noticed with the rev b it says that you haven't had a chance to build the new board yet, is that still the case?

Erik S
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