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no menu marlin

Posted by vkeller 
no menu marlin
October 31, 2015 09:01AM
I have a mega with a sainsmart 12864 lcd and I also have a due with a radds lcd. Both are displaying same unusual behavior. Both have a display that show x y z and temp but when you click on encoder to go to marlin menu nothing happens. If I click on the encoder multiple times while I power up the Arduinos I will hear a click and get to the info screen then nothing happens. menu is frozen. I did try to find topics relating to issue but unsuccessful. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
ps I did hook up my sainsmart lcd and ramp 1.4 to a friends mega and the menu showed and encoder clicked since I originally thought I had a bad lcd
and I also removed all software (marlin and Arduino) to start fresh and its the same.
Re: no menu marlin
October 31, 2015 08:18PM
There is a setting in configuration_adv.h that specifies lcd refresh interval this is also used to poll the encoder. It may have a high default value.
Re: no menu marlin
November 01, 2015 02:01PM
Thanks TheTazzbot for the suggestion.... I installed the Repetior firmware instead... and now the menu and encoder are working on the Arduino due... I'll still try your suggestion for the mega..
Re: no menu marlin
November 03, 2015 01:30PM
Part of my problem was that I was not changing the eeprom number between 1 and 2, so maybe my updates to fix issue were not being applied.
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