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looking for the open-patent community..

Posted by roland 
looking for the open-patent community..
November 18, 2015 07:23AM
@admin, as there is no off-topic board here, you are free to delete my thread !

When i joined reprap in 2009 i really thought reprap to be one of the most important inventions of the 21 century.
But it turned out that this is rather a narcissistic tinkerer community and innovation is done on kickstarter.
No offense meant, but there should have been a reprap-printer on kickstarter every year since the invention of crowdfunding.
Here, i no longer feel this drive to innovate, and every time i posted some crazy (but brilliant) idea here you just said "no"..

so now for the off-topic.

In my happiness to help two kickstarter teams i made up a "revolutionary" user interface (OS) for virtual reality, that could easily blow away everything you thought you know about virtual reality.
Started my own kickstarter campaign and i do not want to cut it down to consumer size.
Instead i am looking for the "free patent community", for people who enjoy thinking outside the box.

And reprap.org used to be a movement to free the world..

Virtual Reality is not directly linked to 3d printing. But both fields start with "virtual" and make it "real".

So i dream, you will not delete me, but help me to keep my ideas/inventions/patents free:

my first campaign: [www.kickstarter.com]

Germany, physicist

Ideas welcome !

Yes, if you have an idea, share it.
Re: looking for the open-patent community..
November 18, 2015 09:21AM
... hmmm ... I've programmed something similar for a "virtual mall" concept with connected shopping rooms and info-spheres around 1995, but with a much simpler GUI in VRML ... it was then not accepted for several reasons - one of them was "too innovative" confused smiley

I wish you luck with your concept smileys with beer

Aufruf zum Projekt "Müll-freie Meere" - [reprap.org] -- Deutsche Facebook-Gruppe - [www.facebook.com]

Call for the project "garbage-free seas" - [reprap.org]
Re: looking for the open-patent community..
November 18, 2015 09:57AM
Hello Viktor again :-)

I intentionally have set the funding goal to 20.000 Euro because the campaign should only succeed with some hundreds of backers to really kick off the virtual reality community.
I remember "VDX" to have supported some of my crazy ideas here. I know this "too innovative" too well. In 1999 i did program a disco mixing system where music was mixed by emotions.. too innovative. Party folk came 50km to get exactly the sound they already knew.. I am sure there is still nothing comparable out there.
The good think about crowdfunding (kickstarter), why not back me with 50 Euro. You only need to pay when we have become a merry community of visionaries.

In opposition to this community :'(
I just need to cite that typical frankvdh-"no" in the "3d printers on aliexpress" thread.

Wake up Rreprap. You have set out to bring China onto your desktop. By now there is a whole industry of sellers on Aliexpress to provide what you have created to change the world.
You should have teamed up with China to bring China onto every consumers desktop.
For sure you have to tinker with [www.aliexpress.com]
But only because the printer was developed by tinkers - for tinkers, not consumers. (i know, i have assembled a Reprap Prusa)
You should have joined kickstarter, could even have started your own crowdfunding platform.
Instead you just hail yourself and keep on tinkering.

This is the only forum close to the opensource idea that i am a member of, and i do not want to spam other forums.
If you still have vision, take a look at my little campaign.

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Re: looking for the open-patent community..
November 18, 2015 10:27PM
The odds of getting a working product is far higher on AliExpress than it is on Kickstarter smiling smiley
November 20, 2015 04:26AM
Well i ordered two [www.kickstarter.com] and chances are high the this campaign will fail completely (as Zano). In last update they proudly announced to have purchased the first component: the filament :-( They are wasting the limited money on a non essential part, even some stuff they can sell with profit when they shut down.

But yes, i got my M3D printer and it nicely prints PLA. But no ABS :-(
Have ordered felxible print plates from this innovative (?) running campaign: [www.kickstarter.com]

And yes, got a super early bird of [www.kickstarter.com] which looks good so far.

But i buy on Aliexpress as well, up to 50 orders by now (but only up to $50 for now). You have purchase protection like on Ebay and sellers are really very careful to not get negative feedback.

It is embarrassing to see you all cling to your message of salvation: "NO"
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