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Posted by Arvin 
November 24, 2015 03:54PM
Free...ish means you come get it, it's yours. Be nice if it was for a school(retired teacher) but not necessary.

I can no longer physically use my printers. MD as taken all my muscle so can't even bend over to take things off the heated bed.

I have an Printrbot Original (the one that started it all on Kickstarter) and an Ord bot. Lots of 1.75mm filament for the Ordbot. One roll of purple 3.0mm and lots of remnants for the Printrbot.

I can't ship them. Not able to...see above.

The printrbot has had lots of use but still keeps chugging along. Prints nicely(0.2 and 0.3mm layers mostly). Largely unaltered from its beginnings. Why change what works well? If I was able to use it I would.

The ordbot was given to me along with lots of filament. I could never get it to print as nicely as the printrbot and after breaking the hot wire to the hot end it got partially disassembled and then when I realized I couldn't work on it...it went to the shed.

I'm in Goodyear, AZ. If you're in driving range and you want one, post here with particulars. Hope I can find a good home for them.
Re: Free...ish
November 25, 2015 03:15PM

First, sorry to hear of your health issues, as we get older, these things happen. Second, I live in Show Low, AZ, but will be in the valley this Sat. and Sun. and will be happy to take either or both off your hands. Thanks for offering.

Re: Free...ish
November 26, 2015 11:44AM
I have a volunteer to help me with the Printrbot so I'll keep it a while longer!

jmrobert48 the Ordbot is yours if you want it. I'll pm you.
Re: Free...ish
November 29, 2015 01:52PM
And it is GONE!
Re: Free...ish
December 01, 2015 06:17PM
If you want anything printed, I and plenty of other people would be glad to print them for you!
Re: Free...ish
December 02, 2015 11:06AM
Thanks for the offer. The nice thing about owning a 3d printer is the instant gratification of making a design and seeing what you did or did wrong. Changing the design and reprinting. Wash rinse repeat... The wait time for mail is just too much for me... Not hyper just no patience.

Thanks though.
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