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nema 17's?

Posted by munchit1 
nema 17's?
November 27, 2015 08:04PM
ok, had my first motor fetality..the exstruder moter went from clack clack then run, so i slowed and it cured it..for 5 minutes, then slowly but surely slowing the print no longer helped..untill it just vibrates there, i asume died its death..

so..i look at the motors and find 2 things, the volts and the amps..yes i know what they are but...in old motors the more the volts the more speed, up the amps the more work power..yet i read the oposite for steppers? is this right?

my set up at the mo (due to being unable to print any herringbones..) would be a direct drive, 0.8mm nozzle, and a volcano heater block. 12v input to the board. (smoothieboard).

i'd like more than 40mm/s.. the old unknown extruder motor was set to 1.35-1.5amps.. beyond that no idia tbh. (48mm long body,nema17 style), any higher it started to hmmmmmmm. i think i need more torque to shift that much plastic tbh.. 1mm wide exstrutions @0.5mm layer height ish... 0.4 wouldnt be that awfull lol.

can any one run me thrugh the stepper motor basics, or advise a motor? (it will be converted to a herring bone, eather direct or bowden type/wades type).

with a geared set up i'm assuming a faster motor will be required?

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Re: nema 17's?
November 29, 2015 01:40AM
Motor "Voltage" should be .5 to .7. at the trim pot.
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