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Z-axis problem

Posted by Kippari 
Z-axis problem
December 02, 2015 03:38AM
Hello all!
I have z-axis problem. My printing is always only 70 - 80% hight what it must be... I don´t know what I was do for this happend. One reason can be that stepmotor get wrong angle of step. (Motor 17HS5417P1-2 ) Motherboard Melzi B 2.0.
Is there any configuration in firmware setting? Where can I find it and what is the name of firmware what I must use?

Help me!

Kari K
Re: Z-axis problem
December 02, 2015 04:25AM
step angle is 1.8. this is a normal 200 steps per rotation stepper. According to [www.nanjixiong.com]

most likely you have the max feed rate set to high.

If your lucky you have eeprom enabled and you can just set it one in software and your done

send a m503 to your printer (Print settings), if this works you might be in luck.

Look for the line that starts M203 in the output, these are the current max feed rates for x,y,z,e
Z will probably be 5, this should be 2 for a m5 based z axis
set z max feed rate by sending M203 Z2 to the printer
Send a m500 to save this all setting to eeprom.

Cross your fingers and try again.

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