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Bed and extruder problem

Posted by Outie 
Bed and extruder problem
December 05, 2015 07:15PM
I have two issues... Not sure if they are linked or not.

#1: If I turn the bed on, the bed and the extruder both turn on until the temp is met by the bed. If I turn the extruder on, the extruder and bed turn on until the temp is met by the extruder. If i turn both on, they both go on until both temps are met...

#2: Printing from the SD card or from Repetier Host (v1.60), the print stops after about layer 3-5 but never in the same spot. If using Repetier Host, the G code continues to upload and scroll but no response from the printer. The temp also continues to decline on the display

Are these connected problems? What is my next step?

I have already flashed and reloaded arduino as well as restart everything
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