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is this a good deal

Posted by pochito413 
is this a good deal
January 08, 2016 12:29AM
Sorry as i am new to this and not sure what section this belongs in so please move if it belongs somewhere else.

I just want to know if this is a good deal

Prusa i2
Build volume is 7"x7"x5".
Arduino Mega computer
RAMPS 1.4 controller.
Medical grade power supply rated at 1200W.
Printer has a heated bed
more upgrades(trying to get exactly what upgrades have been done to it)

This printer is being sold to me for $400. It comes with about 6 rolls of filament from protoparadigm. Also comes with lots of spare parts. Would you pay $400 for this package?
Re: is this a good deal
January 08, 2016 01:07AM
Some are going to tell you how you could get it cheaper, but it sounds like a fair deal especially considering it's 1 already assembled and 2 comes with plenty of filament.

What material is the frame? That can matter.

That power supply us overkill by the way.
Re: is this a good deal
January 08, 2016 08:22AM
Yea icknow the power supply is overkill. Idk why he went with that but it is included with the printer. I will ask him what updates have been done and also what material the frame is
Re: is this a good deal
January 08, 2016 09:34AM
What hotend? If it is a chinese clone, then you should expect to buy a new hotend.

I think with the 6 rolls of filament, spare parts, etc., it's a solid deal. The filament alone is worth ~$100-150. Later down the road, you could easily print parts for a different model printer if you wanted to upgrade.


Re: is this a good deal
January 08, 2016 08:06PM
Its got a mark iv head on it. Frame is made from abs parts and steel. Im going to pull the trigger and get it
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