Peltier Coolers
January 12, 2016 07:18PM
Has anyone any experience of these coolers?
Wondering how cold they get, I'm thinking about trying to cool a 100w Led chip, or at least assist, using heatsink & fan.
But maybe assist in cooling for 3D Printers(to keep topic relevant to forum)

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Re: Peltier Coolers
January 12, 2016 08:11PM
They are heat pumps, they pump heat from one side to the other. How cool? Well depends on a lot but in open air it can freeze water in seconds. However if you just put power to them they will self destruct in 30 seconds or so, the hot side needs a vert large heat sync (5-10x the size of the device) and a fan, if not the hot side will destroy the device very quickly.

I loved these and made a cooler (to store epoxy in) and it worked perfectly until I found out the 3 units together with fans on both sides were costing me $700 a year in electricity (they are very inefficient). I ended up modding a chest cooler for my needs and now pay less than $30 a year.

Just go to youtube and search for them, you will see people doing all kinds of crazy things with them. Using them to heat the heat bed has been discussed before but the idea kind of died out as not very feasible over current methods.

Below is a photo of my awesome cooler made with them.

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Re: Peltier Coolers
January 12, 2016 09:22PM
Cool smiling smiley thanks for the info, yeah more youtube vids for ideas & info, already seen a few, sparking a number of ideas,
this torch is cool but the heatsink it uses isnt cheap(secondhand maybe)
I have been looking at large heatsinks, like power amp stuff, but was hoping to make a smaller unit,
like this [] but perhaps with the peltier too, but dont want to spend a fortune on cooling as it kinda defeats the object of low power led's.

Here's a nice vid with led's on a drone []

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Re: Peltier Coolers
January 13, 2016 02:59AM
... attached an image of the 'hot-side' cooler from one of my peltier cooling systems winking smiley

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Re: Peltier Coolers
January 13, 2016 03:47AM
Peltier works best with watercooling.
The cost for a cooler is much lower, you can use generic small pumps from garden fountains or fish tanks.
Add a huge reservoir and you don't need to cool the water for hours.

*added a picture from early PC-overclocking times

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Re: Peltier Coolers
January 13, 2016 05:40PM
Viktor, what is that cooling for? how much power you need for all those? surely the hotside is where the aluminium is?

Olaf, cant see the peltier in that setup, I do have a watercooler for cpu thats not being used at the moment, there was another youtube vid where the guy just submerged the led chip & heatsink and fan in some mineral oil and it was the best solution for bringing down the temps. []
Re: Peltier Coolers
January 13, 2016 06:24PM
... yes, the hot side is the shiny aluminium part - it's a big 'hollow' cooler with a fan sucking the air through.

This was used for temperature controlling a bunch of red laser-diodes in a medical treatment system.

Here is the image of the opened housing, normally sitting on top of the peltiers with all the diodes inside:

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Re: Peltier Coolers
January 13, 2016 07:01PM
Here is some great reading [] They explain pretty well why you would choose these over other sources of cooling, and how to size a junction and it's associated components to remove heat from it given heat input, degrees over ambient allowed etc. No association with the company, just a happy customer. I have one of their air to air units used to remove heat from a sealed electronic enclosure. It performs as the numbers they say indicate. I've considered using one in a water-cooling setup for a print head, but it makes more sense mechanically and electrically to use a 120mm case fan and radiator or even just a decent size reservoir, there's not really enough wattage making it up into the heatsink to warrant the expense or complication.
Re: Peltier Coolers
January 13, 2016 07:58PM
Viktor Cooler smiling smiley I could see the duct in the other pic, looked like an aircon unit or something, aircooled could work with what I have in mind, but so could watercooled, maybe I could mix the 2, well of course you kinda have to with the water cooled, but makes me think of alternate arrangements.

Koko Good source, even more arrangements to take a look at, some tiddy looking bits, should be many ideas there,

cheers guys, I think by the time I figure out which way to go, cooler led's might be available, but something to play with while waiting for other items to arrive.
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