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Help with FSR

Posted by bobkanner 
Help with FSR
January 31, 2016 09:04AM

I am new to 3d printing and built a Kossel 250 V slot. I have FSR auto calibration and pronterface commands M119, G28, and G32 work fine. The next step is to use G0 Z5 command to home the nozzle tip 5mm above the bed. Everytime I send G0 Z5 command the nozzle hits the bed and the FSR sensors stop it at the bed. I cannot seem to make it stop above the bed. Any suggestions?

Re: Help with FSR
January 31, 2016 10:47AM
Your z height needs to be set correctly. The z end stop is not actually an end stop per se but a probe. so calibrate the height first with the paper method l. Set that using m665 or edit the config. Then edit your slicer start gcode and replace g28 with g32 or put g32 after g28.

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