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Closed-source firmware for 3d printing options?

Posted by prototyper 
Closed-source firmware for 3d printing options?
February 23, 2016 01:32PM
I have been making a lot of modifications to Marlin firmware (with the RAMPS board) for a client who is developing a 3D printer. The client is considering making the product completely closed-source. What 3D printing software/hardware options are there that will allow me to modify it, but also doesn't prevent the developer from making it closed-source? It doesn't have to be free. I don't feel like writing firmware from scratch!

(For the record, I love open-source and would rather use an open-source option, but the client wants to know about closed-source options).
Re: Closed-source firmware for 3d printing options?
February 23, 2016 04:11PM
None that I know of. And having worked on Marlin you would put yourself in a legally difficult position were you to now attempt a clean-room implementation. I would recommend you gently encourage your client to see the positive aspects of sticking with the several excellent open source options.
Re: Closed-source firmware for 3d printing options?
February 23, 2016 05:02PM
... I'm developing a comercial pastedispenser system with Pronterface/Printrun as software and Marin4Due as firmware.

The Pronterface software will stay open sorce, so anyone will be able to download the heavy modified software (+sources) and documentation.

To satisfy the 'comercial' aspects there are some external toolbox-modules for importing/converting/handling different industrial file formats and allowing camera-assisted controlling and teaching -- this modules are not open source ...

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Re: Closed-source firmware for 3d printing options?
February 26, 2016 07:37PM
As far as I'm aware, the majority of the common firmwares are derived from GRBL originally, it's GPL, so everything derived has to be.
Your best bet short of starting from scratch or releasing the changes as PD, would be to find a none GRBL derived firmware with a single author, and convince them to sell you a version with a commercial license.
Your probably not going to find a firmware to start with that's as full featured as the stuff that's been publicly developed for years.

In terms of having worked on Marlin putting you in a bad position for building your own, it's likely a none issue. None of this stuff is rocket science.

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