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Using Arduino Mega 2560 with Replicator Original (Dual)

Posted by [email protected] 
Using Arduino Mega 2560 with Replicator Original (Dual)
February 27, 2016 08:03PM
Hi guys
I am a newbie here, kindly bear with me and help me out if you can!
I have an old non-working Makerbot Replicator (Dual- the wooden box looking one), its not working because of the corrupted firmware and board and since it was an open source DIY back then, Makerbot refused to help me with it. Now I am thinking of using it with Arduino Mega 2560 with the RAMPS 1.4 shield with the Marlin firmware. My questions are:
1. Will this work?
2. What type of changes should I need to do in the firmware to make it support the existing design?
If theres a better firmware to use or anything else can be done, please let me know. Any kind of help will be useful. Thanks in advance smiling smiley
Re: Using Arduino Mega 2560 with Replicator Original (Dual)
March 01, 2016 07:50AM
I see no reason why the stepper motors and ends tops shouldn't work, I know that some maker bots use a 24v power line though and ramps only uses 12v and 5v. I almost fried some 12 v fans when I was repairing a maker once
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